Another Sick Nollywood Actor Amaechi Muonagor Seeks Financial Assistance..(wapchris.. authors)

Veteran Nollywood entertainer, Amaechi Muonagor, who is fighting loss of motion, has asked the general population for monetary help to cover his clinical costs.

Muonagor, in a video making the round, said his medical conditions have delivered him unequipped for carrying on with a typical life.

As per Muonagor, the underlying two months of his clinical treatment were at an undisclosed medical clinic in Nnewi, from where he was alluded to a showing emergency clinic in a similar region.

Muonagor communicated his regret for not revealing his condition to the public prior, saying he never realized the illness would endure past some time.

He said his condition has crumbled and he can’t walk independent, as half of his left hand stays deadened.

“I’m wiped out. This thing that is called stroke (has) cut up with me,” Muonagor murmured, adding “The primary clinic was in Nnewi where I burned through two months and was alluded to a showing emergency clinic here in Nnewi. I’m right here, 7 months prior. I was to enter my vehicle when I was hit with this issue and from that point forward it has been deteriorating.

(Wapchris.. Authors) At the present time, I can’t move, can’t stroll all alone, and a big part of my left hand is deadened. It’s an issue to me, Please accept my apologies I didn’t spread the word about it for the public prior since I didn’t realize it would keep going this long, however as it is presently, I’m approaching very much lively people to provide to my with some timely help. Its loss of motion, a big part of my body, this hand for instance isn’t moveable.”

Muonagor’s circumstance was made public weeks after a veteran entertainer, Charles Okafor (Mr. Ibu), got support from Nigerian music stars and the general population after an interest for monetary help to go through medical procedures and keep one of his legs from being cut off.

Mr. Ibu, who is right now hospitalized and confronting hazard of removal, got help from superstars, for example, Davido, P-Square, Tunde Ednut, and previous senate president, Bukola Saraki.

Mr Ibu gave a report on his condition, uncovering that he has gone through five fruitful medical procedures and communicated his ardent appreciation to people in general. He is presently anticipating adjustment to set out on an abroad excursion for cutting edge clinical treatment.

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