Are Rabbits Rodents?

Are Rabbits Rodents?

Rabbits are not rodents. Rabbits differ from rodents because, unlike rodents, rabbits have an extra pair of incisors. Rodents are known for their single pair of incisors on each jaw. Sometimes, the Patagonian cavies are often confused with rabbits. This is because of their similarities in ear length, fur structure, and the speed of their movements.

Why are rabbits not rodents?

Rabbits are not rodents for a large number of reasons. Let’s consider some of the reasons why rabbits are not classified as rodents in the animal kingdom.

1. Double Pair Incisor Teeth

The first reason why rabbits are not classified as rodents is that they have double-pair incisor teeth on each jaw. The double incisor teeth on each jaw make them different from rodents because rodents are known for the single incisor teeth of each of their jaws. Along with that, rabbits have white front teeth, unlike rodents whose front teeth are brown.

2. Rabbits Are Obligate Herbivores

This means that rabbits unlike rodents are strict herbivores. This means that they only eat vegetables. However, in comparison to rodents, rodents are not obligate herbivores. Rodents can feed on nuts, grain, and seeds which makes them quite distinct from rabbits in this manner.

Are rabbits rodents or mammals?

Rabbits are classified as mammals. For a while in the past, they were classified as rodents. However, a further look into their skeletal form made it clear that they were mammals. Rabbits are mammals because of their double pair of incisors on both sides of their teeth. A characteristic that rodents lack.

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What animals are rodents?

There are 50 different rodent species in the world. Here are some of the discovered rodent species:

1. Rat

2. Murids

3. Squirrel

4. Myomorpha

5. Blesmol

6. Echimyidae

7. Cavies

8. Old World porcupine

9. Chinchilla rat

10. Hystricomorpha

11. New World porcupines

12. Gundi

13. Tuco-tuco

14. Hutia

15. Heteromyidae

16. Octodontidae

17. Nutria

18. Dinomyidae

19. Chinchilla

20. Dormouse

21. Cane rat

22. Anomalure

23. Agouti

24. Paca

25. Brown rat

26. Hamster

27. Dasyproctidae

28. Sciuromorpha

29. Black rat

30. Mus

31. Muroids

32. Cricetidae

33. Guinea pig

34. House mouse

35. Gerbillinae

36. Naked mole-rat

37. Blind mole-rat

38. Mongolian gerbil

39. Dipodidae

40. Chinchillidae

41. Common degu

42. Patagonian mara

43. Castorimorpha

44. Nesomyidae

45. Thryonomyidae

46. Bamboo rat

47. Spalacidae

48. Platacanthomyidae

49. Mouse-like hamsters

50. Sigmodontinae

51. Beaver

Why Are Rabbits Suitable As Pets?

Rabbits are small animals that are suitable as pets for many reasons. Here are some reasons why rabbits are suitable as pets:

1. Rabbits Are Friendly

Rabbits are very friendly animals. They love to play with humans and other animals. They are happy when they play and when they sense a good atmosphere. You can get a rabbit as a pet for your children to play with. They can even be your friends too. Regularly feed your rabbit pet and watch them develop a close bond with them.

2. Rabbits Are Delicate Animals

Rabbits are animals made up of fur. They don’t have bones or sharp skins. Your children can play with them all day. They are super cute and can serve as a pet you can talk to if well trained.

Are Rabbits Rodents?

3. Rabbits Are Herbivores

Rabbits feed on vegetation and not flesh like other animals. So, you’re not in danger when you keep a rabbit in your home. They don’t feed on flesh so they are suitable for children and adults. No need to worry about your safety just ensure you don’t starve your rabbits and you’ll be fine. There’s a lot of fun to unlock when you get a rabbit.


When did rabbits stop being rodents?

Rabbits stopped being rodents in 1912. In 1912, they were classified under the Mammalia after further research into their skeletal structures and formation.

What kind of animal is a rabbit?

Rabbits are mammals. They are fast-moving animals with elongated ears. Rabbits are also warm-blooded animals with plenty of fur.

Is squirrel a rodent?

Yes. Squirrels are rodents. They have a single pair of incisors teeth on each jaw which makes them classified under Kingdom Mammalia.

Is Racoon a rodent?

Raccoons are mammals. They have powerful jaws and teeth. They are classified as mammals because they possess similar characteristics to mammals such as dogs and cats.

What makes a rabbit not a rodent?

One of the factors that makes a rabbit not a rodent is that while rodents have only two incisor teeth, rabbits have four. Many research has suggested that a smaller set of peg-like teeth behind their top incisors helps rabbits bite through leaves and fruits more easily.


This article has been educational, no doubt. You’ve seen the reason why a rabbit is not regarded as a rodent but instead, it is regarded as a mammal. Thanks to this article, you’ve seen why you should get a rabbit as a pet today. If you found this article helpful, you can share this article to friends who might need it.

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