Bird Feeders For Small Birds

The bird feeder for small birds is the Yellow Flinch Feeder. These are the best feeders because of holding thistle. Thistles are one bird’s favorite food. So, when you purchase the Yellow Flinch Feeder it tends to have a way of attracting small birds. Apart from the Yellow Flinch Feeder, there are also other bird feeders. This article is designed to discuss the varieties of bird feeders for small birds. Additionally, it is going to address how to make homemade bird feeders for small birds.

Top Bird Feeders For Small Birds

The following discusses the most used bird feeders for small birds

Audubon Caged Tube Feeders

This is one of the best bird feeders you can get. The Audubon Caged tube Feeder is a cage-like structure that provides your bird with a private place to feed. This cage is made of metal. Additionally, there is a tube which is found inside. Audubon Caged feeders prevent larger birds from hurting the small birds.

The size of the feeder is 15 inches long. Also, the feeder allows the owners to place the feed through a tunnel. This feeder can accommodate up to four small birds. However, medium-sized birds may not feel comfortable using this feeder. The species of birds that are allowed include goldfinches, chickadees, and, House sparrows.

Yellow Flinch Feeder

The Yellow Flinch Feeder is very unique. It has both tops colored yellow. Also, it is specifically made for the thistle feed. Thistle feeds are one of small birds’ favorite food. The beauty of this food is that not all birds feed on it. Big birds do not find the thistle feed attractive. So, keeping this feeder outside is the best.

The Yellow Flinch Feeder is made for birds with small beaks. The surface of this feeder is made from metal. So, when trying to empty the old feeds, you can hit it gently against a wall.

Aspects Window Bird Feeder

This feeder is made for small birds. Usually, this bird feeder can be kept in your kitchen window. The roof of the feeder attaches to the feed very easily. The Aspect Window Feeds are highly recommended because of their small trays. Every morning you can attach bird food there to attract small birds. The first time you put food there, no birds may eat it. However, if you are consistent, you will get birds coming to eat the feeds regularly.

bird feeders for small birds

Woodlink Absolute Hopper

This Woodlink Absolute Hopper is produced out of steel. The beauty of this bird feeder is that it can hold a large amount of bird food. Although this feeder is quite large, it can be adjusted for small birds. The Woodlink Absolute Hopper is sensitive. This feeder can hold many birds at once when eating from the feeder. This bird feeder comes with a roof. Therefore, it prevents rainwater from entering the feed.

Aspects Small Hummingbird Feeder

This bird feeder is great for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds feed on nectar. So, this feeder allows hummingbirds and other types of birds to feed on it. You can place the nectar on top of the feeder dish. Doing this would attract the right kind of birds. The Aspect Hummingbird feeder is also great when it comes to preventing big birds. Of course, big birds do not feed on nectar. So this is a great option to consider.

During summer, you may need to refill your nectar often. This is because hummingbirds require high energy requirements. Do well to keep the nectar fresh as nectar can get spoilt easily.bird feeders for small birds

Birds Choice Upside Down Suet Feeders

Most bird parents do not like the Upside Down Suet Feeders. This is because the feeder tends to be made for big birds. Small birds may not be comfortable using this feeder. However, there is a trick that you can use to evade this.

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Homemade Bird Feeders For Small Birds

To make homemade bird feeders for small birds, follow the suggestions below:

1. Juice Carton Feeder

This is one of the best homemade feeders you can make from the house. Usually, it is not hard to come by a juice carton. You can get one from your fridge. Also, you can ask a friend to help you get a used juice carton. However, the juice carton feeder helps you to make a suitable bird feeder for your small birds.

Do well to carefully design the carton. Ensure you make the carton attractive. Make it into the shape of a bird’s house. You can cut it into the shape of a bird’s house.

bird feeders for small birds

2. Plastic Bottle Feeder

Plastic bottle Feeder is one of the top ways to make your home-made feeder. Get an empty bottle. Cut it into the shape of a birdhouse. After that, put a spoon outside the bottle. Place the bird food into the spoon to attract small birds. Make a large hole so that the birdseed can come out easily.

3. Tin can Feeder

The next set of feeders you can make is the Tin can feeder. This feeder is very easy to make because it uses household items. You need to look for an empty tin. Place bird food such as thistle there. When you do so, hang the tin in a horizontal position. A rope can serve as the item you use to hang it. To attract birds, you can hang it on a tree branch.


Can birds eat uncooked rice?

Yes. Birds can eat uncooked rice. Uncooked rice won’t affect the birds. The rumor of uncooked rice hurting a bird is a lie. The bird’s stomach does not swell. It stays normal.

Can birds eat cooked rice?

Yes. Birds can eat cooked rice. This is a great option for carbohydrates in birds. Do well to wash the rice to remove impurities.

What is a bird feeder called?

A bird feeder is called a bird table or a tray feeder. This is a tool placed outside the house to supply bird food to birds.

What is the best food to attract small birds?

The bird food to attract small birds is peanut seeds and mealworms. Also, bruised apples provide a great option for small birds.


To conclude, the best feeders for small birds can be found in any store near you. All you need do is to negotiate the price with the store owners. This article has discussed the method of making homemade bird feeders for small birds. Thank you for reading.

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