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FG Lifts Forex Ban Placed By Ex gvt On Importation Of Rice, Cement, 41 Other Items

The National Bank of Nigeria on Thursday at last lifted the unfamiliar trade limitation boycott set by a previous legislative leader of the bank, Me Godwin Emefiele on the importation of 43 things.

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The summit bank lifted the limitation in an explanation issues by the Chief, Corporate Correspondences Division, Isa AbdulMumin.

The summit bank said in the explanation made accessible to THE WHISTLER that the 43 things are presently permitted to buy unfamiliar trade in the Nigerian Unfamiliar Trade Market.

Emefiele, who President Bola Tinubu, on June 9, suspended as CBN lead representative and has from that point forward been in the care of the Branch of State Administrations (DSS), presented the prohibition on the 43 things in 2015 through a Roundabout referred to TED/FEM/FPC/GEN/01/010.

To support the steadiness of the naira and guarantee the proficient usage of forex, the CBN rejected merchants of 41 things from getting to forex at the trade markets to empower neighborhood creation and altered the rundown hence to 43 things.

In the proclamation, the CBN said it will keep on advancing efficiency and expert direct by all members in the Nigerian Unfamiliar Trade Market to guarantee market influences decide trade rates on a willing purchaser – willing merchant standard.

As market liquidity improves, these CBN mediations will step by step diminish.

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“The CBN has defined as one of its objectives the fulfillment of a solitary FX market. Discussion is progressing with market members to accomplish this objective. Members and the overall population are to be directed by the underneath”



Palm kernel/palm oil..

products/vegetables oils..

Meat and processed meat products..

Vegetables and processed..

vegetable products..

Poultry – chicken, eggs, turkey..

Private airplanes/jets..

Indian incense..

Tinned fish in sauce (geisha)/sardines..

Cold-rolled steel sheets..

Galvanised steel sheets..

Roofing sheets..


Head pans..

Metal boxes and containers..


Steel drums..

Steel pipes..

Wire rods (deformed and not deformed)..

Iron rods and reinforcing bars..

Wire mesh..

Steel nails..

Security and razor wire..

Wood particle boards and panels..

Wood fibre boards and panels..

Plywood boards and panels..

Wooden doors..



Glass and Glassware..

Kitchen utensils..


Tiles – vitrified and ceramic..


Woven fabrics..


Plastic and rubber products,..

polypropylene granules, cellophane ..


Soap and cosmetics..

Tomatoes/tomato paste..

Eurobond/foreign currency bond/ share..





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