Can A Cat Get A Hamster Pregnant 

A cat cannot get a hamster pregnant. Cats and hamsters belong to entirely different species, the former being a feline while the latter a rodent. Therefore, reproduction between different species would be impossible. To some extent, a cat may view the hamster as prey and may want to feed on it. The root of this misconception can be traced to a social media account on TikTok. The following subheadings address this issue in a wide perspective.Can A Cat Get A Hamster Pregnant 

Why People Think A Cat Can Get A Hamster Pregnant?

Many TikTok users want to know if a cat can get a hamster pregnant. The answer is “no.” Some may dismiss the question as nonsensical, but we think a viral clip of the much-talked-about young hamsters will change your mind.

The TikTok account of a popular content creator captures the birth of an offspring belonging to the content creator’s hamster, who lives with a domestic cat.

The newborn hamsters first resembled gummy bears, but their fur quickly developed hues and texture, and to delight, both of the baby hamsters ended up looking exactly like the cat! The owner of both animals also maintains that the male hamster never came “close” to the female hamster, meaning that the former cannot be the father.

The two hamsters who resembled the cat rather than their parents may have had distinct DNA from their siblings, causing them to look different. However, the argument advanced by some people that cats and hamsters may breed is ridiculous.

Furthermore, others have made worse the story by uploading screenshots of answers from websites such as Reddit, where unreliable sources have made outrageous claims about the two animals having offspring.

Can Hamsters Live With Cats?

While cats are natural predators and hamsters are prey animals, hamsters can live safely in the same household as cats – as long as they are kept separate. Cats shouldn’t have access to the hamster’s cage, as this can be very stressful for the hamster and potentially dangerous.

How Can I Tell If My Hamster Is Pregnant?

If your female hamster has been housed with a male, a noticeable weight gain around her midsection is the most common sign of pregnancy. This will usually become apparent around the second week after mating. A vet can confirm pregnancy if you are not sure.

How Long Are Hamsters Pregnant For?

Hamster pregnancies are very short! Depending on the species, gestation (the time from mating to birth) can be as little as 16 days for Syrian hamsters and up to 30 days for Roborovski hamsters.

What Should I Do If My Hamster Gives Birth?

Leave the mother and her babies undisturbed for at least a week after birth. Provide her with plenty of nesting material and avoid handling the pups too much. If you have any concerns about the health of the mother or babies, consult a veterinarian.Can A Cat Get A Hamster Pregnant 

Can Hamsters Breed With Other Types Of Rodents?

In very rare instances, breeding between closely related hamster species can occur. However, this is generally not recommended as it can lead to health problems in the offspring.

How Can A Cat And A Hamster Cohabit Peacefully

A cat and a hamster can live together. Considering a hamster is a naturally petite animal may become prey for a cat. Follow these three steps to ensure your cat and hamster cohabit without problems:

1. Provide A Safe Care For Your Pet

Your cat’s instinct will be to regard your hamster as prey. A safe cage is required to keep your cat and hamster separate. Search for an area that is entirely enclosed, with no exposed tops. The bars should also be too narrow for your cat to fit their paws between. Cats can easily knock these off. Instead, choose a larger cage that can accommodate play items such as tunnels and wheels.

2. Keep Your Hamster Cage In A Separate Room

Even if your cat is unable to physically get to your hamster, seeing the image of it in the cage may cause discomfort for your small companion. Consider placing your hamster’s habitat in a place that your cat does not frequent.

To keep your cat away, place your hamster between closed doors in a bedroom or office space that you can close when not present.


Can a hamster breed with a cat?

Genetic mismatch and variations in reproductive systems make cross-species reproduction impossible. Cats belong to the Felidae family, whereas hamsters belong to the Cricetidae.

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Can a hamster and a cat live together?

If your cat has a powerful personality hunting instinct, they should always be restrained away from the hamster and its cage. If they are more curious and passive, with time and work, you may be able to train your cat to have strictly supervised visits with the hamster—both inside and outside its habitat.

What is the best breed of hamster?

The Syrian hamster is the most suitable for care. It is simple to train, the least rapid of the famous pet hamsters, and the least prone to bite. Though friendly with people, they are possessive with various other hamsters and should always be kept alone. They are going to fight if kept in groups.

Can cats smell hamsters?

Yes, it usually does. However, the cat does not always respond because the hamster smells not only of itself but also of the human family that has been touching it.


All in all, we have seen that a cat can’t impregnate a hamster. This issue was all from a TikTok clip. This article has also highlighted how a cat can cohabit peacefully with a hamster. Make sure you share this write-up with your loved ones.

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