How Long Do Pigeons Live 

Pigeons can live for five to ten years. However, regular breeds of pigeons do live for 5 to 6 years. There is a breed of pigeons that are unique. This breed of bird is called the Feral Bird. Feral birds can live for about thirty years. This write-up is designed to discuss all about pigeons.

How Often Do Pigeons Breed?

Pigeon breed on an average of five times annually. However, the rate at which pigeons give birth has skyrocketed. This is because pigeons feed in dirty environments. As the year goes by, the urban and rural areas are constantly being contaminated. As a result, the pigeons feed well and get to produce offspring. Additionally, the breeding season usually is a very warm session.How Long Do Pigeons Live

What Diseases Do Pigeons Carry?

Pigeons carry a whole lot of disease. As emphasized earlier, they feed on what humans classify as ‘dirty’. These are some of the diseases pigeons carry


This is a disease that can cause diarrhea in pigeons.


This is a disease that causes nausea and fever. Additionally, a pigeon can get E-coli through the food and water they drink.


This is a disease caused by fungi.


This is a disease that usually causes breathing problems in pigeons.

Are Pigeons Pests?

Pigeons are pests. Pigeons, just like rats are unhygienic. Also, pigeons carry a parasite called mites. When this mite is on human skin, it can cause serious itching. This mite has been known to inhibit in the nest of the pigeons. The excrement of pigeons can also damage the outer interior of a surface.

 Why Are Pigeons Around Humans?

Pigeons are very common among humans. A breed of pigeons called Feron Pigeons live comfortably with humans. Urban areas such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States have pigeons migrating to the country annually. In the United Kingdom, there are over 10 million pigeons.

Although pigeons are afraid of humans, they have learned to live with humans. They are more comfortable around humans than domestic animals. Pigeons are brilliant creatures. Even though they don’t live in fancy houses. They make their homes in gardens, trees, and flowers. Also, pigeons admire themselves so much. They constantly admire themselves in a mirror or a reflection. Have you observed a pigeon admiring its face from a mirror?

Pigeons’ predators are usually the Falcons. In many countries like the ones listed above, you do not find a lot of Falcons there. Pigeons are one of the harmless creatures to live with. You can find a pigeon in high buildings like a skyscraper, a firm’s building, and schools.

In ancient times, pigeons were humans’ only means of communication. Pigeons would carry letter messages to their owners who are far away. This message would be delivered without the pigeons missing their route back home.

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How Long Do Pigeons Live?

A species of bird called the Feral Pigeon can live for 17 years. When there is a regular supply of food and water, they can live far more than this age. At maximum, they live for three decades. On the other hand, the regular pigeon lives for 5 to 6 years.

A pigeon’s likelihood of living long lies in the ability to resist predators. Predators such as the Falcon during flight. While on land, possible scavengers include foxes, cats, and cows.

How Long Do Pigeons Live Without Water?

Pigeons just like humans need water for survival. This is because without water a pigeon would be dehydrated. This may cause a serious digestive issue leading to the death of pigeons. A bird’s survival without water depends on many factors.

A fully grown pigeon can survive for 24 to 48 hours without water. During this thirst, they usually depend on the moist content in their food to replace the water requirements in their body. As a way to preserve energy, pigeons would do less activity such as flying and singing to conserve energy.

Pigeons have organs in their body called the crop. This crop is an organ in their body that allows pigeons to conserve energy to survive. Pigeons regurgitate to provide food to their offspring during periods of drought.

These birds have a very unique kidney organ. This kidney allows them to store water. When storing this water, it prevents them from urinating frequently. Pigeons should have a regular source of water to keep them hygienic. During the summer too, provide a reliable water supply to regulate the condition of their body.


Can pigeons live up to 20 years?

A pigeon can live up to two decades.

Are pigeons smart?

Pigeons are very smart animals. Pigeons can recognize faces. They can also differentiate colors.

What do pigeons eat?

Pigeons eat different items. This may include corn, barley, wheat, and so on. They also feed on s amongst others.


To conclude, pigeons are beautiful birds. They are easily found around humans. They don’t hurt. Pigeons being birds are constantly attacked by predators both on land and air. Do well to share this article if you find it interesting.

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