How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Couch

Cat owners can get pee out of their couches by using enzymatic cleaners. An Enzymatic cleaner helps remove the stain from the couch almost immediately. This chemical is very powerful in that it helps eliminate uric acid present in the urine of cats. Another suggestion for removing cat pee is by using some home remedies. Home remedies like vinegar and baking soda can just do the trick. This write-up is designed to help people with the methods on how to get cat pee smell out of their home couch.

Methods On Getting Cat Pee Smell Out Of Couch

These are methods you can use to get the cat pee smell out of the couch:

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1. Clean Pee Immediately

This is one of the vital steps to take when one is about to remove stains from the couch. The earlier you get rid of the pee on the couch, the less it is to smell. Do well to take care of the existing pee by using a white tissue or cloth. Ensure you do not rub the stain harshly. If you do this, it will spread over the couch and bring an awful smell.How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Couch

2. Ensure to Use A Black Torch Light To Find Old Stain Marks

This is another step to take when you are dealing with old stains. When you clean an old stain at first, it would look vanish. However, when you use a black torch light you will see the old stain. When you do, make sure you mark the spot with a little note or chalk. Doing this would ensure you mark the area filled with the old pee of the cat.

3. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Usually, an Enzymatic cleaner is used to get rid of treating pet urine. You can easily get to use an Enzymatic cleaner to prevent uric acid present in cat urine. You can purchase this chemical at any pet store near you. When you purchase it, read the instructions on the pack of the product.

4. Home Treatment

Home treatments can never totally eradicate the stink from cat urine, but they can provide a temporary fix before you go to the store. Avoid using items containing ammonia because they have a similar odor to cat urine.

Instead, apply a solution of one part white vinegar and three parts water to the affected region. Apply enough to the area to conceal the stain and blot with a cloth.

5. Contact A Professional

The next thing to do is to contact a professional. If you observe s particular stain on your couch that is very stubborn, you can easily contact a professional help. Vets usually are the ones to call in this regard. They have the necessary skill and expertise to eradicate a cat’s urine from the couch. They would also give you tips and knowledge as to how to prevent the stains in the future.How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of Couch

How To Clean A Cat’s Pee With Baking Soda

Many people are intrigued that home materials such as baking soda can eliminate cat odor. This section of this article is designed to show you how. Follow the steps as follows:

Method 1: Use A Baking Soda And Vinegar

You can easily use a soda and vinegar combination. Do well to soak as much urine as possible in the upholstery. The next step involves casually spraying baking soda at the top of the pee. Allow for 5 minutes. The baking soda would help deodorize the stains of the urine. Then use a separate bottle to mix a cup of bottle and vinegar combination. This should be done in equal amounts. Make sure you spray this combo at the top of the baking soda. Let it remain for at least 5 minutes. Remove the stain with a white cloth or napkin.

Method 2: Use A Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the chemicals that help dissolve the pee of cats. This process is called oxidation. Ensure you soak the cat’s pee. The next step involves casually spraying baking soda at the top of the pee. Allow for 5 minutes.

Do well to use at least 50% hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of grease-cutting detergent in a bucket or a tray. After that, use a towel to remove the cat’s pee. While the detergent would take care of the cat smell, the peroxide would take care of items that leave stains.


What removes the cat urine smell on furniture?

Hydrogen peroxide will erase stains and neutralize the cat urine odor. You can also try baking soda and white vinegar. These components are a safe approach to removing cat urine off floors and furniture because they will not damage the majority of wood — but test an out-of-the-way area first to confirm your finish is safe.

What neutralizes cat smell on furniture?

To make an odor eliminator, combine equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a spray container. Vinegar is appreciated for its natural deodorizing capabilities, which can help reduce urine odor.

Why do cats urinate on the couch?

Cats may feel forced to urinate on the furniture for a variety of reasons, including uncomfortable medical issues like a UTI, stress, rivalries, or plain preference.


To conclude, cat pee can bring bacteria to your couch. As s result, makes others sick in the house. Usually, the efforts of some cat owners have been thwarted. This is because the cat may ignore the pee area designated for it and urinate on the couch. Thanks for reading. Do well to pin this article to your bookmarks.

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