How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

You can get your dog to drink water when you increase access to water in your home. In your house, you can increase the amount of water bowls. Put water everywhere right from your car pack to the sitting room. Doing this would help the dog feel the importance of water.

Have you ever wondered the reason your dog does not drink water in the first place? This question will be answered in the course of this article. Additionally, this article would prefer solutions to this and many more.

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Reason Some Dogs Don’t Drink Water

Here are some reasons why some dogs don’t drink water

1. Unfamiliar Environment

When dogs do not feel comfortable in an environment, they may not see the need to drink water. Dogs are very intelligent pets. So, they observe the environment very well to see if they are surrounded by people they know.How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

2. Old Dogs

When a dog is old, they reduce their appetite. Older dogs are prone to illness. One of these illnesses is dehydration. When a dog is aging, it is common for the dog to have some traits of loss in appetite. As a result, this would cause a loss of energy. Therefore, dogs need to drink enough water each day. Water regulates the digestive system of dogs.

3. Dirty Water Bowl

Just like humans who may not like drinking water from a dirty cup, dogs don’t like it either. Dogs prefer fresh and unpurified water. As a pet owner, make sure to wash your dog’s bowl regularly. Make it free from specks of dirt.How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

How To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

These are ways to get your dog to drink more water:

1. Ensure The Dog Drink Fresh And Clean Water

Your dog’s water should be free from dirt. A dirty water bowl could be a salient reason your dog has refused to drink water. Ensure to change the water bowl regularly.

2. Make Sure They Get Plenty of Daily Exercise

Exercise can encourage dogs to get plenty of water. When a dog has walked along with you during the day, he might be thirsty. Do well to serve your dogs with water from a clean source. If you notice your dog is not drinking water for a long time, this can be attributed to an illness. Make sure you visit a veterinarian for a check-up.

3. Increase Their Access To Water

Most parents who take care of dogs put dog food and bowls everywhere. This is to ensure that a dog has access to water every time. Usually, a dog drinks less water in the winter period than summer period. When your dog is walking from one place to another, this is the best time to give your dog water. A dog’s access to water should not be denied.

4. Ice Cubes

A dog who doesn’t like to get hydrated would prefer to take ice cubes rather than water. Offer your dog ice cubes and lollies. When you do so, you can easily keep your dog hydrated the whole day. Whenever you give your dog an ice cube, it is important to make sure the ice cube is of the correct amount and size.

5. Add Water To Their Food

The next way to hydrate your dog is to give them water. When you offer your dog water, they tend to eat more. If they have a healthy appetite, your dog can finish the water you give it to.

6. Use Broth

Broth is one way to make your dog drink water. Whenever you want to give your dog water, make sure that it is filled with the flavor of fish and chicken. Brooth simply increases the appetite of dogs. Make sure to add some chicken to the water when boiling. In no time, allow the water to get warm before giving it to your dog.

7. Provide Positive Encouragement

Positive reinforcement is often done when a dog is doing a task properly. So when your dog heads to the bowl to drink water, you can praise him for that. Offer helpful commendations like “Well done, boy”. In addition, you can also offer him some tuna bones as encouragement for a good task. In addition, you can keep the atmosphere friendly by putting a bone just beside the water bowl in your house.


Why is my dog not drinking water?

Shifting from dry to wet food may cause a pet to drink less water since it is getting more water from the meal. Illness could potentially be the cause, and if the cat exhibits any other symptoms, such as unusual lethargy or appears to be in discomfort, it should be sent to a veterinarian.

How long can a dog go without drinking water?

Typically, your dog may go 72 hours without drinking water. However, it will exhibit signs of thirst after the first 24 hours.

Can dogs drink milk?

The milk is a secure treat in small amounts. A few tablespoons of cow or goat milk on occasion might be a lovely treat for your dog. However, you should avoid giving your dog an entire bowl at one sitting, since it might result in unpleasant reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting, and loose feces.


All in all, a dog needs water for many purposes. It needs water to help digest food. Water also helps in regulating the temperature of dogs. Also, it helps dogs feel hydrated after a particular task like exercising. For one to get a dog to drink water is quite easy if you follow the suggestions above.

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