How To Keep Cats Off Your Car

You can keep cats off your car by sprinkling pepper. Cats do not like the smell of pepper. You can do this every night and morning. This is usually when cats like to rest on high surfaces. An example of a peeper that would do the trick is the Cayenne Pepper. The Cayenne Pepper is one of the best peppers to use. Do well to spray this pepper at the surroundings of the car.

This article discusses other ways you can keep cats off your house.

Ways To Keep Cats Off Your Car

Here are the ways to keep your cats off your car:

1. Use Cats Repellant Spray

Cats Repellant is one of the ways to prevent cats from staying or scratching your car surface. Spray this repellant on the body of the car. Make sure you spray the road leading to your car park. If your cats continue to sit on your car, do well to spray it on the bumper of your car. Make sure to use a natural cat-repellant spray. Ask the vendor if the repellant would affect the design of your car.

2. Sprinkle Dried Leaves Over Your Car

This process is another way to prevent cats from staying around your car. The use of herbs can prevent cats from destroying the surface of the car. Usually, these herbs may be ground to powder form. Ensure you spread them over your car. The problem that lies with this method is that it may get blown away by air. When it blows away, make sure to reapply this method. The beauty of this process is that herbs are not expensive.

3. Apply Pepper As A Repellant

Pepper has proven to be one of the ways to cats. You might not necessarily grind this pepper. Just spread it in the surroundings of your car. Cats and peppers are not the best of friends. When your cats observe this, he will soon retract his steps. An example of pepper to use is the Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne Pepper is a natural pepper that does not have an intrusive smell for humans.

In addition, ensure you apply this step every week for faster results. If your cats still come to your car, increase the amount of pepper.

4. Spray Orange Peels

Orange peels are one thing that cats dislike. Cats do not like the smell of citrus. Ensure you use a sharp knife to peel many oranges. Pack the peels and spray them around your car. Cats would avoid this area. As a result, they would retract their steps. Ensure you don’t put the peels on the top of the car. This may distort your car’s paint.

5. Install A Sound Repellant Close To Your Cats

A motion detector is quite advised in chasing cats away from your cats. Purchase a cat repellant that makes a sound. When the electric motion detector observes movement such as vas movement it makes an awful sound.

Aside from cats, it can also protect your car from other rodents like rats. You can also use a car alarm. A car alarm that detects movement would make a sound that would repel the cats away.

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6. Use Water Sprinklers

Another way to prevent cats from your car is to use a water sprinkler. This sprinkler is usually designed to prevent cats from climbing the top of your car. When the water sprinkler senses motion, it pours out water to the cat. Cats detest water. Cats in the area would not want to get their selves splashed with water. It is also imperative to note that you close your car window every time. This is to ensure that the interior of your car does not get wet in the process of spraying your cats.

7. Cover Your Car

This involved covering your car regularly. This would prevent your cat’s nail from causing havoc to the car. Car covers don’t harm the cats. Instead, it gives your car coverage when your cats lie on it. Although, this covers can cost you a lot of money.

8. Remove Food Scraps From Your Car

Cats will be drawn to your car if they smell food inside or near it. Check your car for stray food wrappers or snacks that have been left behind—it is normal to toss a fast food wrapper to the side and then forget about it.

Remove all food and wrappers from your car; if the cats can’t smell food, they’ll most likely look for it elsewhere. Clean up your driveway and yard to keep the cat away from food remnants that fall from your trash.

9. Cut Your Cats Nails

If the cat in issue belongs to you, trim their nails every 2 to 3 weeks with feline nail clippers. You’ll limit the harm your cat can cause without alarming them or disrupting their outside routine. If the cat is not yours, ask their owner about clipping their nails.


Why do cats jump on cats?

Cats enjoy a warm car; while a car rests in the sun, the metal warms and becomes a nice location to lay on, and other cats are drawn to it.

What is a homemade cat repellant?

Combine lemon juice, rosemary, and white vinegar – three things cats dislike. Put the water in a spray bottle for simple application in the garden. Just mist near where the cats spend time—on planters, on the patio, or even inside.

What do cats fight over?

Cats are territorial, which can result in fights over food, water, shelter, or a particular spot. This fighting tendency is frequent among cats that are neither spayed nor fixed.


To conclude, you can keep your cats off your car with the suggestions above. Do well to follow the suggestions above consistently. Do well to share this article with your loved ones. Thanks for reading.

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