How To Tell If A Cat Is Dehydrated

You can tell a cat is dehydrated by just looking at their cat’s eyes. A cat’s eye can tell a lot of messages. When a cat’s eye is sunken, one can tell that the cat is very sick. Most of the time, a cat would appear to have a dull eye. When the eyes appear this way, make sure you hydrate the dog by giving it water. Another sign to look out for is the cat’s skin elasticity. When a cat’s skin appears dry, sometimes this is when a cat needs water the most. There are many other signs to look out for. This article covers the symptoms, prevention, and cure of a dehydrated cat.

Symptoms Of A Dehydrated Cat

There are a few signs to observe to know if your cat is dehydrated or not. Here are some of them:

1. Loss of Skin Elasticity

This is one symptom to look out for if your cat is dehydrated. When a cat is dehydrated, you can tell from its skin. This is a practical method to use. First, you can gently drag the skin of your cat. Then drop it down, if it quickly snaps back, it’s fine. However, if it takes a while to snap back, then this is a clear sign of dehydration.

2. Sticky Gum

If a cat’s gum is very sticky, you can quickly tell that they are dehydrated. When a cat’s saliva is very sticky or thick, this is a very good sign to show that they are dehydrated.

3. Paleness of the Gums and Tongues

Since water passes through the mouth, the tongue is a good place to detect dehydration. So, when your cat’s tongue is pale, it is a good sign to know that your cat lacks water.

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An eye that looks sick is one of the signs of dehydration. Sometimes a cat may experience sunken eyes. These sunken eyes are usually caused by a lack of water. Usually, when a cat is feeling sick, this can cause sunken eyes.


Water helps give life to the body. When your cat feels weak and tired often, this may be a sign that your cat needs more water. Cats are social animals so they may often feel active. So, when a cat experiences weakness all the time, it might be a salient sign of dehydration.How to tell if a cat is dehydrated

Treatment For Dehydration In Cats

Here are the treatments for cats who are experiencing dehydration:

1. Give Cats Clean Water

One of the ways you can treat cats is by giving cats clean water. When a cat drinks a lot of water, he feels hydrated again. Ensure the water is fresh and free from impurities. Make sure to always fill the water basin for your cat every time. Cats consume more water than food every time. Usually, a cat that drinks water is very active.

2. Feed Wet Food

Another way to get your cat healthy is by feeding it with wet food. Sometimes, cats do not like to drink water. In this scenario, you can feed them with wet food like fresh fish. Do well to ask your vet what food is best for your cats.

3. Use Broth Food

Broth foods are meals in which water has been used to cook meat. You can feed your cat with water used in cooking meat or fish. This smell would encourage your cats to drink more water. Also, make sure this water is warm before consumption.How to tell if a cat is dehydrated

4. Try Cat Soup Supplement

This is a great alternative if you want your cat to get hydrated. A cat soup is recommended when your cat is dehydrated. A cat soup supplement can be obtained from shops or stores near you.

5. Use IV Fluid

In moderate to severe cases of dehydration, your cat may require one or more rounds of intravenous fluids from the veterinarian. If your cat is severely dehydrated, they will most likely need to stay with the emergency vet for several rounds of IV fluids to properly recover from the problem.

How To Prevent Dehydration in Cats

Dehydration is extremely harmful if not treated, and it can even be lethal in cats very fast. If you know or believe that your cat is dehydrated, try to treat the condition at home, but be prepared to go to the emergency vet if necessary.

If your cat is dehydrated for more than a day, or if they are unwilling or unable to drink water, they should see an emergency veterinarian. Your cat may require intravenous fluids, as well as assistance in treating the underlying cause of dehydration.


How do you rehydrate a cat?

Providing wet food and/or adding water to food is another helpful technique to improve water intake. In certain situations, flavoring the liquid with a tiny amount of both tuna water and low-sodium chicken broth might encourage a cat to drink more.

Do cats pee when dehydrated?

Whenever cats do not drink enough water, they generate less urine, which may suggest thirst.

Can milk help hydrate a cat?

Cats ought to consume only one thing to be hydrated: water. Despite common perception, milk is not beneficial for cats, and it is advised to avoid dairy.

What liquid can cats drink?

Water is the ideal refreshment for cats. Your pet does not require any other fluids. You can, however, give a cat reduced or no salt broths (chicken, beef, etc.) or, in very limited amounts, cream soups.


This article has considered the solution, prevention, and signs to look out for when a cat is dehydrated. If the conditions remain the same, do well to visit the veterinarian.

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