How To Tell If Your Dog Is Sick 

You can tell a dog is sick by observing some signs. These signs may include vomiting. Vomiting is one of the symptoms of a sick dog. When a dog is sick it tends to spill out food recently eaten. A dog may exhibit other signs such as loss of appetite, urination, weight loss, and so on. Thankfully, this article has been designed to explain some of these signs in clear terms.How To Tell If Your Dog Is Sick 

Signs That Show Your Dog Is Sick

The following are signs that show your dog is sick.

1. Vomiting:

When your dog begins to throw up, this is a sign that you need to see your veterinarian. This sign can be caused by diet change or some related issues. Most dog owners may see this symptom as mild. It is advised that if your dog vomits from any food, it is best to observe for any other symptoms. To stop this vomiting, you can feed your dog with a hamburger with rice. This should be fed in small proportions. When this vomiting doesn’t stop within the next 24 hours, take your dog to see your veterinarian.

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2. Urination

The frequency of your dog’s urine can pass a lot of information. Usually, when your dog is trained, it would urinate in a designated area. Urination in a dog is very important as it passes out waste products. However, when your dog strains to urinate it becomes a problem.

Additionally, when there is blood in the urine of your dog there is a problem. You need to carefully observe your dog to watch for any of these signs. When a dog urines too frequently, it may be that your dog is experiencing kidney problems. Also, blood in urine can be a result of a urinary tract infection.

3. Appetite Loss

When there is a loss in appetite, the dog may refuse to eat. Some appetites can be mild and others can be severe. Appetite Loss is a sign of many illnesses. You can tell if the issue of loss of appetite is severe or mild.

It is advised that you give your dog some of its favorite food. If it continues to be ignored, then this problem may be a serious issue of loss of appetite. As stated earlier, if the issue of loss of appetite goes on for more than a day then it is serious.

4. Drinking Habits

Your dog may change its drinking habits. When your dog consumes more water or reduces its water intake it can pose a problem. Drinking too much can mean your dog is feeling sick. On the other hand, when a dog drinks less water, it might indicate that your dog is feeling fever. Do well to observe your dog. When he drinks less water, put some chicken soup into it. If he still resists this, make sure to visit your veterinarian.

5. Character Change

When a dog becomes sick, he may begin to withdraw himself from you. This kind of symptom requires that you observe your dog. When you touch your dog and he resists it could mean he is feeling pain there. However, not all dogs would withdraw from you. Some dogs would just become clingy to you without any reason. Ensure you notice your dog for other symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue, or pain. If your dog shows this symptom simultaneously, then take him to a veterinarian.

Loss of Hair

When there is a loss of hair, it can cause extreme pain to the dog. Usually, too, your dog may begin to feel sick. Ensure you check your dog’s skin for signs of fleas. Fleas can live in a dog’s skin for several weeks. This can cause a dog to experience blood loss.

Eye Problem

If your dog rubs his eye too much, this can be a serious sign that your dog needs a vet. However, this sign can also range from a change in eye color and so on. The reason your dog rubs his eye is that it is experiencing an illness called glaucoma. Make sure you call the attention of your dog when your dog continuously rubs its eye. Your veterinarian may suggest some medication to your dog to improve it’s sight.


Is my dog sick or just tired?

If your dog is usually tired, this may mean that your dog is sick.

How do you know your dog is dehydrated?

Your dog may be dehydrated when you observe the following signs:

Appetite Loss


Dry nose

What food is poisonous to dogs?

Fruits such as grapes are very poisonous to dogs.


To conclude, a dog may still need to visit a veterinarian after first aid treatment. Do well to explain to the vet the signs you observe. Thank you for reading. Do well to share with friends and family

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