I started making music because I didn’t have friends” – Tems…(wapchris… authors)

Temilade Openiyi, otherwise called Tems, a top Nigerian diva, has uncovered that she started making music since she had no companions.

She added that her melody is expected for individuals who are going through comparative encounters to hers, also as the people who can connect with it.

No one, as per the 28-year-old Grammy champ, can contend with her, and her only rival in music is herself.

Tems offered the expression while being consulted on Hot 97 FM in New York, where she additionally expressed that she would keep on delivering tunes regardless of whether nobody paid attention to her.

She said, “I’m serious inside myself yet I’m not cutthroat with different specialists. It’s not possible for anyone to contend with me.

“I’m unique. I have had kids. Yet additionally, I’m only about being consistent with myself. My music is for individuals that connect with it. So my music is coming from me. Also, my music is my outlet.

“I began making music since I didn’t have companions. I heard remark and I didn’t have anybody to express it to. Thus, I would simply sing it. I will set up it in a tune and account it on my telephone. I was doing that for quite a long time.

“Along these lines, music is my outlet. Regardless of whether anyone pays attention to it, I’ve to deliver it. Regardless of whether it does, it’s not my issue to worry about. Be that as it may, I really want to deliver it. Also, it’s for individuals that can associate with it and are going through exactly the same thing.

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