I’m not your mate; I’m right now spending time with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, expresses VeryDarkBlackMan to Carter Efe.

Carter Efe gets banged by extremist VeryDarkBlackMan in another post after he calls him out for sharing a select lodging video on the web.


After Davido flew VeryDarkBlackMan from Abuja to Lagos and saved a rich multimillion-naira lodging suite space for him, his name began to drift on the web.


In any case, the extremist posted a video of the occurrence inside the lavish lodging via web-based entertainment. He go on by uncovering the scene in which he and Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest loosened up throughout the evening.


Carter Efe responds to this by hauling VeryDarkBlackMan into filthiness and letting him know he really wants to go hustle. He further accused him of continually censuring skincare forces to be reckoned with and seeking after power to the detriment of Mr. Ibu’s prosperity.


VeryDarkBlackMan ought to be embarrassed about himself, Carter Efe said, as it is his age-mate Davido who is paying for his ongoing way of life in Lagos.


VeryDarkMan, he commented. Proceed to hustle; a developed man like you continuously utilizing the web to misdirect yourself makes me suspect that you at any point clean up whatsoever. Assuming that they absorb your singlet water, it will smell.


VeryDarkBlackMan answers that Carter Efe is better than him since he greaterly affects society.


Nothing Carter Efe can do, he said, is beyond the realm of possibilities for him to do, however there is something he is doing that Carter Efe can’t. He went on by saying that Carter Efe was requesting that he use concrete to occupy the space in his teeth since he was letting out an excess of spit.


He went on by saying that he is at present unwinding with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest and, deriving, advising Carter Efe to repeat the


melody in the event that it is straightforward.


He said: “Carter Efe I chill with extremely rich people like Davido and Chiefpriest, you are not on my level. This isn’t a spit pouring challenge. They need to place concrete and cover the hole tooth in your teeth since that is where all the spit begins streaming out from.

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