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INEC Staff Request Evacuation Of Prof Mahmood Yakubu, write Tinubu

Ranking staff individuals from the Autonomous Public Constituent Commission (INEC) have requested the terminating of Teacher Mahmood Yakubu as the administrator of the commission.

They blamed the administrator for dismissing the government assistance of staff and focusing on his own government assistance through grants of agreements that purportedly benefit him.

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In a letter addressed to President Bola Tinubu by “Concerned Staff of the Free Public Electing Commission, Cross country,” they encouraged the president to sack him as public executive of INEC right away.

The letter, which was shipped off Wapchris.. authors by senior work force of INEC who professed to have gone to a portion of the gatherings where the staff discussed the issues, called the consideration of President Tinubu to 10 issues they’re bothered about.

They portrayed Prof Yakubu as “a dictator” who “considers staff to be slaves” with no option to gripe, and focused on that the framework has become “spoiled because of the initiative style of Prof. Yakubu Mahmood.”

The INEC director is additionally blamed for declining to execute the Audit Obligation Visit Recompense (DTA) and the 40% Unconventional Stipend to staff endorsed by previous President Mohammad Buhari since September 2022.

The staff said they would likewise not benefit from the National government supported 35% for all bureaucratic specialists to pad the impact of endowment expulsion, since “He will say there is no cash.”

They guaranteed that the INEC director’s guarantee to increment Electing Risk Remittance at a gathering with staff in November 2022 was not satisfied.

Some portion of the letter peruses: “Prof Yakubu Mahmood has likewise transformed the Commission into a limited show, no Chief can move toward him. He takes basic choices alone without the contribution from different Magistrates in this way considering himself to be a divine being.

Prof Yakubu Mahmood doesn’t permit staff to air their complaints as there is no medium or system to address them.

“There is serious monetary misappropriation by Prof. Yakubu Mahmood as he focuses fundamentally on agreements that will help him. Significant specialists, for example, EFCC and ICPC can be welcome to actually look at INEC monetary record for affirmation.”

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The staff expressed they could never again hang tight for the finish of his second residency in November 2025 as a significant number of their partners had kicked the bucket because of disregard of staff government assistance matters.

All in all, the staff expressed “We the whole staff of INEC are disheartened over the administration style of Prof. Yakubu Mahmood and we therefore passed a “statement of disapproval” on him. “WE Maintain that He Should GO NOW SINCE STAFF Government assistance MATTERS IS Basic TO ANY Trustworthy Political race” We are burnt out on Prof. Yakubu Mahmood’s maltreatment of office.

“We unassumingly demand Official mediation in this matter so the circumstance won’t leave hand as the INEC Staff probably shouldn’t go on mass dissent over disregard of staff government assistance matters occasioned by the maltreatment of office pioneer by Prof. Yakubu Mahmood, Hon. Administrator, INEC.”

Making sense of why the staff decided to compose a letter to the president on the issues, a representative chief in the commission said INEC has no trade guild as it isn’t permitted.

“The people who attempted to begin a long time back were moved out of INEC base camp to various states by the director,” he said in a talk with Wapchris.. authors

When wapchris.. essayists called Rotimi Oyekanmi, boss press secretary to the INEC executive on Tuesday, he said he was at a gathering.

In any case, while answering an instant message on the letter, he said, “I caught wind of it however I have not seen it.”

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