Peanuts For Birds

Birds Eat Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the birds’ favorite foods. Most small birds eat peanuts with their shells. While others are interested in just the nuts. Peanuts are a good source of carbohydrates for birds. Usually, they give birds the needed energy requirements daily. The amazing part about peanuts is that they do not get spoilt easily. However, during winter they tend to be scarce. Birds can be served in any way. You can simply sprinkle it on the floor. Alternatively, you can spread it in a bowl. This article is designed to talk about everything regarding peanuts for birds.

Reasons Peanuts Are Good For Birds

Peanuts are a very good source of nutrients for birds. For birds, peanuts provide a very high quality of carbohydrates. As usual, carbohydrates provide strength for the birds. With high carbohydrates, birds can do many activities. These activities include flying, singing, and nurturing. Peanuts are very much needed by birds during the cold season. This is because birds require heat during these cold conditions. Peanuts do not get spoilt easily. However, they tend to be very durable. Additionally, peanuts are also good money savers. Unlike suet, peanuts provide a good alternative for bird feed.Birds for peanut

Birds That Eat Peanuts

Many birds feed on peanuts. Be it small or big birds. They all enjoy the nutrients contained in peanuts. The birds that feed on peanuts include:

1. Woodpeckers

2. Jay

3. Grackles

4. Titmice

5. Wrens

6. Dove

7. Chickadees

8. Cardinals

Other birds eat peanuts too. However, they may not enjoy it as the ones mentioned above.

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It is quite simple for birds to feed on Peanuts. As a bird parent, you can simply sprinkle the peanuts on the floor. You can stray to serve peanuts to birds. Talking of bird feeders, there are quite several bird feeders that can fit peanuts in.

In hot weather, peanuts can get spoilt easily. When it gets cold, feed the birds with little peanuts. This is because peanuts do not flourish during winter seasons. Although, you need to keep this peanut away from pests. Pests that feed on peanuts include squirrels, raccoons, and chipmunks. To prevent this, make sure you use a slippery baffle to stop this pest from ravaging your peanuts.

How Do Birds Eat Peanuts?

Birds are very interesting creatures. They are very cute to watch while eating. Birds work very hard to get peanuts out of a bird feeder. Despite the shell of peanuts, small birds tend to look for ways to feed on peanuts. Birds are one of the creatures that love Peanuts. No matter what kind of peanuts you offer, birds are generally very kind to accept your generosity.Peanuts for birdsof

Cheapest Peanuts For Birds

Peanuts tend to be more expensive during the winter season. On the other hand, during summer peanuts are quite affordable. Depending on how your birds are, you need to know the prices of bird feeds. You need to calculate your expenses to know which bird feed would be best for you.

1. Amazon (Extra Select)

25kg Peanuts


2. Mole Online

25kg Wild Bird Whole Peanuts


3. Bargain Bird Food

25.1kg Whole and Split Peanuts


4. GardenBird

25.1kg Whole and Split Peanuts (Standard)


5. Garden Wildlife Direct

25.1kg Whole and Split Peanuts


5. Discount Pet Food

20kg Wild Bird Peanuts


6. Garden Wildlife Direct

25.1kg Peanut Splitsm

= £45

What Can You Do To Make Peanuts Enjoyable To Birds?

There are numerous decisions to make before offering peanuts to small birds. Peanuts are great for bigger birds like jays, crows, grackles, and bigger woodpeckers. Smaller birds like hummingbirds and titmice will be inclined towards peanuts or chips that are separated. These little pieces are more easily chewed because of their beak size.

This is not surprising, because small birds usually take an entire nut to a nearby branch to tear it open and devour the nut itself. You could offer peanut butter to birds! Smooth butter will be appreciated by small birds. The peanuts you ought to never propose to birds are those that are meant for human consumption.

Salted, smoked, or sugarcoated peanuts are not good for birds. The flavors and flavors can be undesirable or even risky for birds to consume. Also, no baked products or other sweet treats should be given to birds.


Should I crush peanuts for birds?

Chopped peanuts are a very good source of nutrients for birds. When you chop the peanuts, do not put them in a bird feeder.

Can lovebirds eat peanuts?

Yes. Lovebirds can enjoy the nutritious vitamins of peanuts. They eat both shell and unshelled peanuts. You can also feed them as a supplement to their diet. Do not feed the lovebirds food high in fats.

Can birds eat cooked peanuts?

Do not feed your bird-cooked peanuts. They may be dangerous to their health.

Can pigeons eat peanuts?

Pigeons can eat just about any seed offered at the bird feeder. This includes sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, peanuts (no shell), millet, Nyjer® (thistle)


To conclude, birds are animals that don’t get tired of eating. So, when it comes to feeding, you have to do so in large portions. So, it is pertinent for you to get a suitable bird feeder that can contain peanuts. Thanks for reading. Do well to share with your friends and family.

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