Trending: Happie Young men expelled to Nigeria from Cyprus, they showed up in Nigeria

Following an extended time of being sent on grant to Cyprus by the conspicuous pastor, Messenger Chibuzor Chinyere, the famous viral artists known as the Happie Young men have been ousted back to Nigeria.

The chaps caused news in 2022 when Witness Chinyere came to their guide, permitting them the amazing chance to seek after their yearnings after they were terminated from their positions because of their adoration for dance.

This elevating story went off in a strange direction when it was uncovered that the Happie Young men had run into issues while living abroad, bringing about their bringing home back to Nigeria.

Following a one-year grant abroad, the Happie Young men were localized to Nigeria.

The underlying euphoria of the grant offer appears to have blurred as they apparently dropped out with Missionary Chibuzor Chinyere.

The justification for their conflict is obscure, albeit virtual entertainment reports say that the Happie Young men started living a “improper” way of life in Cyprus, which stressed their supporter, Messenger Chinyere Chibuzor.

To address the matter, it was uncovered that the young men were detained in Cyprus.

Messenger Chinyere Chibuzor dispatched his lawful group to chip away at winning the young fellows’ delivery, showing his devotion to their prosperity.

As per late reports, the Happie Young men have been expelled to Nigeria and are presently live in the capital city of Abuja.

The fresh insight about their return has started shock via online entertainment, with many enthusiasts of their journey communicating help and interest.

A netizen shared the fresh insight about their profit from X (previously Twitter).

The post read;

“BREAKING: Happie Young men expelled to Nigeria from Cyprus, they showed up in Nigeria the previous evening and are in one lodging in Utako, Abuja.”

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