Why Do Owls Hoot?

Owls hoot for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include territorial issues, mating, and defensive protection. This hoot is designed to pass information to other owls. Owls are naturally nocturnals so you can only listen to their hoot in the nighttime. Apart from hooting, an owl also makes other sounds. These sounds may include screeching and screaming. Enough of the chatter, let’s delve into the discussion in full.

Different Kinds Of Hoot

Owls can hoot for a variety of seasons. There are several things to look out for when an owl is hooting. Firstly, let’s look at the kind of hoot an owl makes and its meaning.Why Do Owls Hoot

1. Issues Concerning Territories.

This is one of the common reasons why an owl hoots. An owl may hoot to let the other owl know that they are in another’s owl territory. An owl may hoot at night to show that he has claimed a territory. It is imperative to note that this hoot is heavily dependent on the kind of owl. Owls usually don’t create a new nest when in mating season. They usually claim an old nest and stay in it. So when they find one suitable to their taste, they start hooting to let everyone know they have claimed a nest.

2. Mating:

Another reason why an owl may hoot is probably because he is looking for a mating partner. When an owl finds a nest, he announces using hooting. This hooting may send clear signals to female owls that a male owl is ready to begin courtship.

3. Defensive Hoots:

These kinds of hoots are not very common. An owl who has just discovered a predator may hoot until the predator leaves the environment. Also, an owl hooting may be done using screaming. These hoots are done in areas where big birds may live in. Big birds such as eagles or falcons may find a nest near an owl. When this is the case, the owl makes a noise until the raptors feel uncomfortable.

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Other Sounds An Owl Makes

The vast majority of owls make hooting sounds, however, these birds can create a wide variety of sounds. The different owl species can create a bunch of sounds for various reasons, and not all owls can hoot. A large number of these sounds are different from the normal smooth hooting that we expect owls to make.

Owls produce a wide range of weird sounds from piercing shouts to non-vocal snapping sounds made by closing their beaks. Barn owls, for instance, produce fairly creepy sounds while Eastern shriek owls whinny practically like a horse

There are other sounds an owl makes. This sound may vary from one owl to another. Some of them include:

1. Screeching

2. Screaming

3. Shriek

4. Whistle

5. Growl

An owl may screech and scream to attract another female counterpart. This is done for courtship. Just like hooting, this is done during mating season. Instead of hooting, an owl can screech or scream.

Also, if an owl feels threatened it can screech. However, this screech may vary in tone. While some owls may screech loudly, others may not.

Do Owls Hoot During The Day?

Owls are mainly nocturnal animals. However, you might hear some hooting from owls at sunset. An owl may hoot to notify people that they are in the enemy’s land. An owl hoot cab he heard from far away. They can be heard from a quarter mile away.

Some owls hoot during the day. For example, a Barred Owl hoots during the day too. This species of birds has been classified as very vocal birds. In addition, many owls do not hoot during the day. Birds such as doves make low-voiced sounds. This sound may be mistaken for an owl hoot.Why Do Owls Hoot

Owls That Don’t Hoot

Some owls don’t hoot. Some of them include:

The Barn owl

The Eastern screech-owl

The Burrowing owl

The Northern saw-whet owl


Is it normal to hear a hoot during the day?

The hoot may be heard for different reasons. These reasons may include the territorial claim, mating season, and so on.

Is it bad to hear an owl hooting?

To hear an owl hooting is not bad. Many animals make sounds. Owls alike are animals, so it is no different if they have their unique sound.

Are there owls that don’t hoot?

Yes. Some owls don’t hoot. Some of them include:

The Barn owl

The Eastern screech-owl

The Burrowing owl

The Northern saw-whet owl


The bottom line is that owls are sensitive animals. When they are in danger, they tend to send the message to other owls. It is also good to note that not all owls ho

ot. Some of them screech and scream only.

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