Why Is My Cat So Small?

Why Is My Cat So Small?

Your cat being small could be a result of numerous factors. The factors for a cat being so petite in size could be influenced by the breed of your cat. Some cat breeds such as Singapura breeds are known for their small stature. So, if your cat is a pure breed or mixed breed of that species, it could be the answer to why your cat is so small. Another reason why your cat is so small could also be a result of illness. Your cat may be suffering from illness and this could affect its growth. It works the same way as in humans. When a human is sick, the growth of its body and vital organs may pause until the illness is treated. So, in a cat, it can work similarly. If your cat is suffering from stunted growth, then, not worry, you’re at the right place. In this article, you will be reading about why your cat is small and what you should do.

Why is my cat so small and skinny?

Your cat being so small can be a result of several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why your cat appears so small and skinny:

1. Breed Of The Cat

The breed of the cat may be one reason why your cat appears so small. Just like how it works with other animals, the breed of the cat species plays a role in how your cat appears.

Why Is My Cat So Small?

For instance, cat species such as the Singapura species, Cornish Rex, and Munchkin may appear smaller than the normal domestic cat. So, when your cat is so small, then this is one of the things you should investigate.


2. Health Of Your Cat

The health of your cat is another reason why your cat may appear smaller and skinny compared to other cat breeds. When your cat is unhealthy, it may begin to reduce in size as a result of the illness. Check for accompanying symptoms such as changes in behavior and the appetite of your pet before concluding. If symptoms point to any underlying illness being suffered by your pet cat, then take your cat to the nearest vet.

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3. Dietary Factors

Dietary Factors could also be a reason why your cat appears so sick and skinny. If your cat is not being fed with the required food needed for its growth, your cat’s growth could be impacted. For instance, if you feed your cat with treats rather than good cat meals, your cat will not grow big as compared to its other buddies.

4. Gender

The cat’s gender could be another factor as to why your cat appears so small compared to its companions. Yes, in some cat breeds, the female cat usually appears smaller than their male mates. So, if you have a cat of the female gender and it appears smaller, that could also be a cause of your cat being skinny. This is one of the most common factors affecting stunted growth in domestic animals. Animals such as dogs, pigs, and even some birds also possess these characteristics.


Why is my full-grown cat so small?

Your full-grown cat is small because of the breed of your cat. Most Singapura species usually appear smaller even when they are full-grown. Another reason can be that your cat isn’t getting enough food that is sufficient for its growth.

Should I be worried if my cat is small?

If your cat is small, you shouldn’t be too worried. Most cats appear smaller when they age. So, it shouldn’t be a cause for worry. However, you should be worried if your cat shows some signs of underlying health problems too.

Do some cats just stay small?

Yes. Some cats just remain small. Some breeds of cats are always known for being ‘big’. So, if your cat is one of these breeds, you shouldn’t be too worried about your cat’s size.

What age do cats get bigger?

In just 18 months, cats are regarded as full-grown. Once your cat is 18 months and above, your cat is considered mature. So, if your cat remains at the same size throughout the 18 months, then there may be a problem.

Do smaller cats live longer?

Observation of the lives of cats has shown that smaller cats tend to live longer than bigger cats.


As you’ve seen from this article, your pet cat’s stunted growth could be caused by various factors. It could be from the breed, gender, nutrition, and health. So, when you notice your cat having stunted growth, do well to make investigations before concluding about why your cat appears so small.

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