Why Is My Cat Wheezing?

Why Is My Cat Wheezing?

Your cat’s wheezing could be a sign of underlying health problems. A cat that is wheezing means that a cat is not in the best possible shape. Your cat’s wheezing could be a result of allergies. When your cat suffers from certain allergies, your cat may begin to wheeze. Also, respiratory problems such as asthma are a known cause of a cat wheezing. Just like in humans that suffer from asthma, a cat may find it difficult to breathe in and out if it suffers from asthma-related problems. Obesity is a commonwealth ailment that affects domestic pets such as cats. When a cat is obese, it can lead to several health issues. One of the issues is wheezing. Another cause of a cat’s wheezing is also a result of infections that have been contaminated by your cat. These are possible causes of your cat’s wheezing. In this article, you will be reading about possible treatments for cat wheezing and other ways you could help your cat solve this problem. Let’s delve in!

How to help a wheezing cat

If your cat is wheezing, there are many treatments for your wheezing cat. Let’s consider some of the treatment procedures to take for a wheezing cat;

1. Medications

Your vet is in the best place to give you the best medications for your pet. The medications that your pet’s vet would recommend to you would allow your pet cat to breathe without wheezing. For this kind of case, bronchodilators are mostly recommended by vets to help your pet cat reduce the frequency of wheezing when breathing.

Why Is My Cat Wheezing?

2. Surgery

If medications fail to render the needed help fi your pet. Most of the time, surgical intervention is usually prescribed by your vet. Surgery would help your pet cat to be free from any respiratory blockage. Surgery is usually the last bet when all other means such as medications and allergy management techniques have been exhausted.

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3. Allergy Management

Allergy management is a technique mostly recommended by vets to get your pet cat to cope with wheezing. You can help your pet cat cope with wheezing and you’re vet would be in the best place to teach you how you can do so.

Note that your vet would be one to point out every coping mechanism or treatment procedure that would be great for your cat.


Why does my cat make a whistling sound?

Your cat may make a whistling sound as a result of serious respiratory problems. This should not be ignored. When your cat makes a whistling sound, it is called wheezing.

What to do if my cat is wheezing?

If your cat is wheezing, don’t overlook the signs. Kindly visit your vet. It may be a symptom of underlying health problems.

Why does it sound like my cat is wheezing sometimes?

Your cat is wheezing when you hear a sound of whistling coming from the nose of your cat. Once you observe this sound, you should take your cat to a vet. This could mean that your cat is suffering from serious respiratory problems.

What does cat asthma sound like?

Cat asthma is similar to human asthma. It is accompanied by difficulty in breathing and coughing from your cat. If your cat experiences these symptoms, then treatment procedures should be administered.


Wheezing is a problem in cats that should not be overlooked. It can be a sign of an underlying health problem. In this article, you’ve seen how to help cats that wheeze. You’ve also seen the causes of wheezing in cats. Use the information found in this article for the benefit of your cat.

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