Why Is My Dog Breathing Heavy?

Why Is My Dog Breathing Heavy?

Heavy breathing in dogs is caused when there is not sufficient oxygen reaching the lungs of a dog. As a result, your dog begins to breathe heavily to get more oxygen in its system. Some of the causes of a dog breathing heavily may include respiratory problems, heart failure, fluid in the lung area of the dog, heatstroke, cushing syndrome, poisoning, medical side effects, and injury. Even though a dog may breathe heavily because of these effects, it can also breathe heavily when on the playground or when there is no air reaching it. However, these two causes mentioned above are not of serious concern when compared to the major causes of heavy breathing in dogs.

Why is my dog breathing heavy while resting?

Your dog breathing heavily while resting or sleeping could be a result of poisoning. When a dog is poisoned and has stomach issues, the dog may not breathe at a normal rate anymore. The breathing rate would increase suggesting that something may be wrong with your dog. Also, a dog breathing heavily while resting could be an indicator of lung or heart problems. When there is an insufficient amount of oxygen reaching your dog’s lungs, heavy breathing while sleeping is another symptom of this. So, when your dog begins to breathe heavily while sleeping, it could be a sign that there’s a problem.

Why is my dog breathing heavy and lethargic?

If your dog shows signs of being lethargic while breathing heavily, then there may be a serious issue. Generally, this could be a sign of heart failure or lung problems. So, don’t wait there, take your dog to a vet for the problem to be diagnosed. However, before taking your dog to a vet, kindly notice if your dog is not just breathing heavily after getting back from playing. This could just be a normal sign. So, observe your dog for these signs. If your dog shows this sign for several days and suddenly becomes uninterested in playing anymore, then that’s the best time to take him to see the vet. Take action to save your dog. This could be a life-threatening issue.

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Older dog heavy breathing

A mature dog may begin to show heavy breathing as a sign of underlying health issues. Generally, an older dog’s breathing rate is less than a puppy’s. For a younger dog, the breathing rate may be 15 – 40 breaths per minute.

Why Is My Dog Breathing Heavy?

However, for an older dog, it could be between 20 -25 breaths per minute. So, if your dog begins to breathe faster and heavier, then it is something to worry about. Your dog’s breathing rate may be a sign of heart failure, obesity, blockage to the lungs, medication side effects, or poisoning.


Why does my dog breathe heavily when resting?

Your dog is breathing heavily while sleeping because it has some respiratory issues. This could be as a result of lung blockage. Your dog may breathe heavily also as a result of medication side effects. However, the case, once you notice that your dog’s breathing is usually heavy, so you should take your dog to a vet.

Why is my dog breathing heavily while doing nothing?

Your dog is breathing heavily while doing nothing as a result of pain. Your dog may be nursing a pain at a part of its body. Another cause may be as a result of heart failure. These are just probable causes of why your dog’s breathing may be heavy. Kindly visit a vet to ascertain the main cause of your digs breathing.

How can I calm my dog’s breathing?

To calm your dog’s breathing, kindly move towards your dog. Slowly stroke it and calm it down. Reassure the dog that it is safe and you’re with it.

Should I be worried if my dog is breathing weirdly?

Yes. You should be worried if your dog’s breathing is weird. This is because unusual breathing from your dog may be a sign that your dog is feeling unwell. It could also be a sign of underlying health problems. Don’t overlook any sign of weird breathing from your dog. Take your dog to a vet.


A dog’s breathing rate can be a sign of serious health problems. If your dog has not been involved in any play or there’s a normal supply of air to your dog’s environment, and your dog displays heavy breathing, then there’s a problem. Heavy breathing can be a sign that your dog is suffering from a dangerous disease so, don’t take it for granted. Take your dog to your vet today. That’s the only way to solve your dog’s problem.

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