Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Brown Fluid From Her Anus?

Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Brown Fluid From Her Anus?

Your female dog is leaking brown fluid from her anus because she has problems with her anal glands. These glands located in your female dog’s anus, help your dog is scent marking and plays other roles. So, once these glands become infected with diseases, your female dog’s anus may begin to leak brown fluids. Another cause of this problem may be as a result of inflammatory bowel disease, rectal prolapse, diarrhea, diet, and tumors. These are also factors that can cause your female dog to leak brown fluid from her anus. No matter the case, it is a problem to worry about. Take your dog to the vet to find out the actual cause of why your female dog.

Symptoms Of Female Dog Leaking Brown Fluid

If you notice that your pet dog is discharging brown fluid on the floor, here are some of the signs to look out for:

1. Vaginal Discharge With Bad Odour

Your dog would begin to express fluid frequently from its vaginal. When this happens, it is usually associated with an unpleasant odor. If you notice your dog expressing such fluids, then it is time to let your pet know.

2. Frequent Licking

Frequent licking is often accompanied by leaking from the vaginal. You would find your dog most time, licking its genital area. When this behavior happens more frequently, you should not overlook it. Kindly let your vet know to render the best treatment.

3. Change In Behavior

If you notice your dog showing weird attitudes, maybe not being as lively or excited as before, then it is time you look into what might be the cause. If you notice vaginal discharge, then you should call on your vet to report the symptoms that you have noticed.

Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Brown Fluid From Her Anus?

So far, you’ve read about reasons why your female dog’s anus might be leaking brown fluid. You’ve also seen symptoms to watch out for when you notice such behavior from your pet dog. Now, let’s consider the treatment techniques for your dog.

Treatment For Female Dog Leaking Brown Fluid

If your female dog is leaking brown fluid, here are some of the treatment techniques your vet can advise you to adopt:

1. Proper Expression Of Glands

If your vet discovers that your female dog leaking brown fluid is caused by the infection of the anal glands on your pet, your vet may advise you to assist your dog in properly expressing your dog’s glands. It is one of the effective ways to stop your dog from leaking fluid from its anus. Don’t worry, your vet will teach you how to properly express your dog’s glands.

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2. Medication

Your vet might prescribe specific antibiotics medications for your dog. These medications would reduce the frequency of discharge from your dog.

3. Diet

In some cases, diet could be the cause of why your female dog regularly makes discharges from her vagina. So, changing the diet of your dog to a regular one would help your dog to reduce the rate of discharge.


What is the brown liquid coming out of my dog?

The brown liquid coming out from your dog is anal gland fluid. The anal glands fluid are as a result of infections that affects the anal glands of your dog. As a result, regular discharge comes out from the vagina of your dog.

Why does my dog have brown fishy discharge?

The brown fishy discharge from your dog is from the anal glands of your dog. They are discharged from the vagina. It is an indication of an infection in a dog. If you have this discharge coming from your dog, then kindly visit your vet.

Can I empty my dog’s glands myself?

You can empty your dog’s glands by yourself. If you can’t empty it, ask your vet to teach you how to empty your dog’s glands.


Your dog getting discharged from the anus can be solved if the right information is passed. With this article, you’ve been able to get information about why your dog is leaking brown fluid and how to resolve it. If you have a question, kindly use the comments box below.

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