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You Want To Blackmail My Government, Uzodimma Accuses Ajaero Of Partisan Politics…(wapchris.. authors)

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, has blamed the President for the Nigeria Work Congress (NLC) Joe Ajaero, of extorting his administration.

Uzodimma revealed this while tending to columnists at the Aso Rock Manor, Abuja.

This is as Uzodimma’s disproved the NLC’s case of his refusal to pay laborers compensations in the state, while likewise owing retired people of their annuities for a considerable length of time.

Review that Wapchris.. Essayists prior revealed that Ajaero had blamed the Imo State government for “disregarding the freedoms of the Nigerian specialists in the state,” and subsequently promised to prepare individuals from the association in the state for an all out strike on Wednesday, November 1.

In any case, Uzodimma said since his introduction as the state lead representative to date, laborers’ compensations have been paid and Ajaero’s arrangement to dissent through the NLC was a way to extort his administration.

(Wapchris.. authors) At the point when I came into Imo state as the lead representative on January fifteenth 2020, from 2020 January till date, there’s no month we have not paid compensation before the 30th.

(Wapchris.. authors) What has occurred in this monstrous episode is that the public Leader of Nigeria Work Congress is from Imo state and has not had the option to delineate the distinction between being a public head of an association and a closely involved individual in neighborhood governmental issues, yet God will deal with the circumstance.

The circumstance is that before this time, I felt that the worker’s guild was a vote based substance that permitted the assessment of individuals.

(Wapchris.. authors) I challenge any Imo State government worker to emerge and express that between 2020 January fifteenth till date, he has not gotten compensation in any of the months.

(Wapchris… authors) Thus, I figure out the responsiveness of this occasion however I need you individuals to be extremely cautious since there’s an endeavor to stir up hardliner governmental issues or an endeavor to extort my administration” Uzodimma said.

Talking further he blamed Ajaero for not relating with the Imo State part of the NLC subsequently he could not have possibly started the November 1 dissent in the state.

“I can let you know that my kin are as of now mindful; to that end the NLC Imo State part tended to a world public interview that what their public authority is doing isn’t right and that they won’t set out on any strike or dissent,” Uzodimma said.

Review that Wapchris.. Journalists had before detailed that Philip Nwansi the executive of the NLC Imo State Section had declared that the NLC Imo State part would haul out of the November 1 dissent in the state.

Responding to the declaration Ajaero had said, “For attempting to sabotage the Nigeria Work Congress in the state by foisting on the state committee an administration not comprised by the arrangements of the Congress constitution, Imo state is presently charged for a significant modern activity.”

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